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Seoul International Short Film Festival - April 2024 Winners

This Time Round

Directed by Francisco J. Nunez, Ansley Sawyer

Produced by Francisco J. Nunez

in Best Producer

Love letter to Glasgow

Directed by Myria Christophini

in Best Animation

People Power

Director Hector Eduardo Rivera

in Best Trailer

Murder in Bb Minor - WebSeries in 3 Seasons

Director Philip William Lewis

in Web-series/Pilot

John DeMena - Eternal Eyes

Director Ishan Shukla

in Music Video

The Disconnection

Director Frank Metivier

in Best Motivational/Inspirational Film

Are We Really Friends...Yet


in 'Against Racism'


Submitter Roger Sinha

in Best 'Dance' Film


Directors Angie Lynch, Corey Burkes

in Best Comedy

The Cobbledick Lake Monster

Director Michael Curtis

in Best Horror


Director Kevin Hanzlik

in Best Film Score

Pōtaka Nautilus VR

Director Daniel Belton

in Best VR Experience

Dark Places I have known - Episode five "The Transition"

Director Juergen Hirsch

in Best Editing

Tempting Fate

Writer Terry Luke Podnar

in Best Script

The Last Take

Director Brian Foyster

in LGBT Films

How much does a memory weigh?

Directors Kathrin Hanga, Eugene Stuckless

in First Time Filmmakers

The Next

Director Tuo Fu

in Student Films

Night From the 4th to 5th

Director Isabelle Bartkowiak

in In the Name of Women's Rights


Director jigme tenzin Salto

in Experimental Films

Stone Soup

Director Nikita Belomestnykh

in Best Actress

The Goods

Director Thomas Nangle

in Best Micro Film


Director Clément PÉROT

in Short Documentary

JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana

Director Leslie Cunningham

in Feature Documentary

Suspicious Minds

Director Imelda O'Reilly

in Short Films Main Competition

Tracey Hague

The Man Who Loved Flowers

in Best Female Director

Guzel Akmetshina

By the break of day

in Best Director

Red Velvet

Directed by Rodrigo A. Rodríguez

in Best Drama

The breath, The fire

Directed by Kelly Nash, Nancy Wijohn

in Best Cinematography


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